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The land which has undoubtedly its own way of life; the land that showcases the scintillating part of natural beauty, majestic culture, ancient heritage and grand wildlife; India invites all for a tremendous classical tour at its variant location for various purposes and for different reasons for celebration. Visit Real India takes the privilege to make you get acquainted with the glorified treasures of this amazing ancient country. The country which is full of differences and with the most alluring tour operating services we are ready to assist you to recognize and respect those differences and versatility in a grand and royal manner. For booking, accommodation, transportation and guidance our dedicated members will always stand by you to bring the most impressive Tour. From Northern Himalayas to Southern beaches, Eastern jungles to Western deserts, India is flourished with so many cultural and geographical diversities, a perfect reason for India tourism. There is simply no other words that catch the true enigma of this land where great legends still holds its power and impression, the grand architectural structures are the true reflector of history
and the life of the spirit can be sacredly glimpsed at different temples and pilgrimage sites at its every corner.
“It will be an honor for us if we get a chance to welcome you and serve you. A very warm welcome to my color full country”. – Manish Bajaj (Founder)


Sure we’re a bunch of Developers, Designers, Writers, Managers and Thinkers. But what connects us all is our love for travel. Relate to that? Swing by for a Mocha anytime!


We’ve made it our business to understand the travel business. And we realize how important it is for us to stay inspired so we can design the perfect product for you.


We party like crazy, but we know no bounds when we’re working. While many travel the world for inspiration, we find ours right here, in & around our office Sky Villa in Goa.