10 Must-Visit Places in Namdapha National Park

Discover the Untamed Beauty: 10 Must-Visit Places in Namdapha National Park :- Nestled in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, India, Namdapha National Park is a true haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

 10 Must-Visit Places in Namdapha National Park


Nestled in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, India, Namdapha National Park is a true haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With its sprawling landscapes, dense forests, and diverse wildlife, Namdapha National Park offers an unforgettable experience for those willing to venture into its untamed beauty. In this blog, we will explore ten captivating places within the park that showcase its remarkable biodiversity and natural wonders. Get ready to immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness of Namdapha National Park!


Our journey begins at Deban, the gateway to Namdapha National Park. Situated at the confluence of the Noa-Dihing and Namdapha rivers, Deban is a picturesque village surrounded by lush greenery. From here, embark on thrilling treks through dense forests, crossing crystal-clear streams and encountering exotic bird species along the way.


Next on our list is Haldibari, a tranquil spot known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse flora. Trek through the vibrant rhododendron forests, where the vibrant hues of the flowers create a surreal atmosphere. Keep an eye out for the rare Hoolock gibbons swinging from tree to tree, adding to the magical experience.


Located on the banks of the Noa-Dihing River, Bulbulia is a hidden gem within Namdapha National Park. The river offers an ideal spot for angling and river rafting, allowing visitors to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings from a different perspective. Camping by the riverside under the starlit sky is an unforgettable experience here.


Firmbase is a captivating location in Namdapha National Park, known for its rich biodiversity. Take a guided nature walk to explore the lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and serene rivers. Keep your camera ready to capture glimpses of the elusive clouded leopards, red pandas, and other exotic wildlife that call this place home.


Hinglaj, a paradise for bird lovers, is a must-visit destination within Namdapha National Park. This serene spot is home to a wide variety of avian species, including the rare and endangered White-winged Wood Duck. Embark on a bird-watching tour guided by knowledgeable locals to witness the fascinating behavior of these feathered creatures.

6.Hornbill Point

As the name suggests, Hornbill Point is renowned for its sightings of the majestic Great Indian Hornbill. Trek through dense forests, listening to the melodious calls of these magnificent birds echoing through the trees. The breathtaking views from Hornbill Point will leave you in awe of the natural splendor surrounding you.


Miao is a charming town located near Namdapha National Park and serves as a base for exploring the park's wonders. Visit the nearby Mini Zoo, which houses various wildlife species, including the clouded leopard, Asiatic black bear, and hoolock gibbons. Interact with the local tribes and learn about their rich cultural heritage.


Motijheel, with its emerald-green lakes and serene surroundings, offers a peaceful respite within Namdapha National Park. The tranquil ambiance of this enchanting place makes it an ideal spot for picnics andrelaxation. Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature as you indulge in a picnic by the shimmering waters of the lakes, surrounded by verdant forests.


Gandhigram is a small village located on the fringes of Namdapha National Park. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the tribal villages and witnessing their unique way of life. Engage in traditional activities like handicraft-making and taste the authentic local cuisine for a truly immersive experience.

10. Haldibari Hot Springs

Our final destination within Namdapha National Park is the Haldibari Hot Springs. Known for their therapeutic properties, these natural hot springs offer a rejuvenating experience amidst the wilderness. Take a dip in the warm waters and let the soothing heat relax your body and mind after an adventurous journey through the park.

Conclusion Namdapha National Park is a treasure trove of natural wonders, offering a diverse range of experiences for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. From picturesque villages to serene lakes, dense forests to rare wildlife sightings, every corner of this national park leaves visitors spellbound. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Namdapha National Park and create memories that will last a lifetime. Plan your visit and embark on an extraordinary journey through this pristine wilderness in the northeastern reaches of India.

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