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Iron Pillar Delhi (India)

The property


Iron Pillar of Delhi is a historical monument that attracts everyone with its mysterious iron built that has not rusted since its construction that was more than 1600 years back. In spite of being placed in the open air, and the Iron pillar still stands tough, and also presenting an excellent example of scientific and engineering advancement in ancient India. It has become the world’s one of the oldest mysteries that archaeologists and materials scientists are still trying to solve.
Situated inside the Qutub Complex where the famous Qutub Minar is also located and stands majestically with a height of 24 feet. It is placed in front of the Quwwatul Mosque in Qutb Complex. Iron pillar is made up of 6 tons of 98% wrought iron, which is also attributed to be one of the reasons for why this pillar hasn’t rusted.

Best Time:

Winters, early Spring or Late Autumn, is the ideal time to visit this place due to the infamous Delhi heat. The summers can get scorching and sultry, and your visit can get unbearable and really uncomfortable.


Qutb complex, New Delhi 110030, India
Suggested duration:1 Hours

Open and Closing Time

Visiting Time: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

General Information

Entry Fee:
Indian Visitor:INR 10/- per person
Foreign Visitor INR 250/- per person

Tips For Visiting Iron Pillar

It is advisable to carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.
Carry some cash if you wish to buy knick-knacks and local souvenirs from stray stalls outside the mausoleum
Try visiting in the early hours of the morning to avoid the tourist rush.

Near By Attraction

Kutub Golf Course
Qutub Minar
DoBijay Mandal
Hotels available near by Iron Pillar


Distance between New Delhi Railway Station and Iron Pillar is 9.9 miles or 8.6 nautical miles
Distance between Iron Pillar and Qutub Minar Metro Station is 1.9 miles or 1.6 nautical miles

Application Availability Which Save Some Money

Zomato ,Swiggy(Provide lip-smacking food in cheap price). Uber,Ola(Provide 24/7 Cab Services).

Interesting facts about Iron Pillar

Iron Pillar of Delhi which is 23 feet column,and is well renowned for its rust-resistant metal composition. Iron Pillar of Delhi is a standing example for the workmanship of Blacksmiths of ancient India. Located within the premises of Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque inside the Qutub complex, and the Iron Pillar weighs six tons.
The Iron Pillar in Delhi is a very famous monument and tourist attraction standing in the Quwwatul Mosque. It is a 24-foot-high ancient column, with Sanskrit inscription on it. It is made of metal that is non-rustable and is iconic in its build.
This amazing monument to ancient metallurgy can be visited at any time,and also just try to avoid monsoon from July through mid-September.


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