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Baglamukhi Temple Mcleodganj (India)

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Located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, snuggled in a spot amidst the mighty Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, sits the holy Bagalamukhi temple. The shrine is dedicated to one of the ten Mahavidyas of the Supreme Goddess as per Shaktism. Devotees visit the temple with hopes of getting their wishes fulfilled, cases won, exams passed or life otherwise to be happy and successful. It is said that anything asked for after performing homage and yajna at the temple is granted. The name Bagalamukhi comes from two separate Sanskrit words, 'Bagala' meaning 'bride' and 'mukhi' meaning 'face'. In essence, it translates to the deity having captivating and hypnotizing powers in her face or herself which fights the evil away. The Bagalamukhi Temple at Kangra is among the many establishments scattered across the country dedicated to the goddess.
Many festivals are celebrated in the temple including Navratri for 9 days. Guru Purnima is another occasion which is celebrated during Navratri. During Vasant Panchmi, special pujas and aartis are held in the Baglamukhi Temple to mark the beginning of any auspicious proceeding or event.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Baglamukhi Temple is during the months of mid-May to mid-October. The weather during this period is pleasant.

Open and Closing Time

Visiting Time:24 hours Suggested duration: 2-3 hrs

General Information

Entry Fee Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

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Interesting facts about Baglamukhi Temple

The origin story of Bagalamukhi manifestation of the Adi Shakti has its roots in the old folklore of the supreme goddess being pleaded by the men, gods and celestial deities alike to defeat an evil demon on earth. Variations of this particular lore go around in various parts of the country. In this case, the texts of Svatantra Tantra says that a demon called Madanasura was making life difficult for the people on earth and was causing storms with his Vaksiddhi to kill them.
Reached out by many gods, preserver Lord Vishnu penanced for the earthly presence of the Mahashakti and appeased with the efforts, she appeared from a lake taking the avatar of Bagalamukhi. From that moment onwards, the followers of Goddess Bagalamukhi started worshipping her as one of the forms of Goddess Parvati. Bagalamukhi goddess has many temples dedicated to her, and the one at Kangra is one of the important ones in North India. So, the story can vary in other parts of the country. Even though traditionally the skin color of Bagalamukhi is yellow and she is looming over the evil with a club in her hand, this temple has a deity which has a dark face with absolutely shimmering golden eyes, nose ring, crown and everything else on her. She is in a sitting position, and her weapon of choice, club or mace is beside her like a dutiful servant. To pay homage to the color associated with her traditionally, the temple walls are painted with bright golden yellow. There is an octagonal platform in the temple premises with a towering pagoda-like spire where havans or yajnas or fire sacrifices are performed regularly upon devotee's request.


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