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Chandratal Lake

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There is a mythical story of a mermaid living in the glacial lake. This is also assumed that a shepherd from Hansa village in the Spiti valley fell in love with the fairy and spent some time with her under the water. The water in the lake is so clear that stones at its underneath are easily visible. This lake freezes during the winter season. Its waters are crystal clear and free from pollution. The water levels of the lake are high and the roads are cleaned off of the snow till the very end making it easier to walk to the lake and breathe in the beauty of the surroundings as they cleanse and rejuvenate you from within.

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12:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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Baralacha La

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Interesting facts about Chandratal Lake

Chandratal is also celebrated in Hinduism for its mention in the epic Mahabharata. According to which, Chandratal was the very spot from where God Indra (The king of Gods) picked up the eldest Pandava, Yudhishthira to ascend towards heaven.

Chandratal, exactly meaning lake of the moon, is believed to be named so due to its crescent shape. There is also a beautiful tale of two lovers who decided to meet at the Baralacha Pass and combined into each other to remain one forever.

Visit Chandratal Lake in the month of September. You will get the most breathtaking views of the lake during this time. Later in the month, the temperature starts falling all over again, making it difficult for travelers to enjoy this destination to the fullest. Chandratal Lake description talks about two lovers, Chandra and Bhaga.


Chandra was the scintillating enchantress and beloved daughter of the Moon God. Moreover, Bhaga was the very bright and charming son of the Sun God. Both, deeply and madly in love still miles apart as their parent despised their love. With broken hearts and the drive to spend an eternity together, they planned to elope and get married at Baralacha La (where they first met).Chandratal Lake is so astonishingly beautiful that it makes you more favourably disposed towards Himachal Tourism’s tall claims that the state is an abode of the gods. Till a few years ago, the only way to get to the lake was to cart provisions and trek 7 or 8 km. The recent construction of a road right up to the lake makes it more convenient to visit but this could also spell its doom.


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