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Chilipam Monastery

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Situated 15 kilometers from Rupa village in West Kameng District, Monastery is built on a headland which offer spectacular 270 level analysis of the nearby Eastern Himalayan valley. More normally recognized as Chillipam Gompa, the secluded sanctuary is decorated with some of the region’s most wonderful Buddhist art.

Best time to visit

October and April are the best months to visit Arunachal Pradesh which are the wintry weather and the spring months for the state. Arunachal is situated at a far above the ground altitude, and so has pleasant weather throughout the year. During the summers (April to June) temperature might be too tall to explore during the peak day hours.
This monastery follows the mahayana buddhism. History says that it was constructed by the 12th reincarnated person of Tsona Rinpoche. There is a vast Buddha made in the centre of the monastery which hold a lot of attraction.
The monastery has three layer- The higher gompa, center gompa and the lesser gompa. There is also a huge prayer hall made where the monks and lamas and other company offer their prayer. Apart from these the monastery also has quarters for the monks and they also have school where the young monks are taught about buddhism and other subjects.

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No timing required.

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1h 30 min


This is the only monastery built by Chinese designer. So the Chinese architecture reflects throughout the monastery. The beautiful Chillipam monastery is on a hillock close to Rupa town. One has to take departure from Rupa to go upwards the hill to reach this charming hillock. The view of monastery during evening time is a treat for eye. The hide and seek of vapors will amaze any of the nature lovers. Many traveler tendency to leave out Chillipam consider they are visit Twang Monastery but the natural beauty of this monastery is invincible.

How to Reach

West kameng is well attached by road with the neighboring town of Assam. Daily Bus service are accessible from Bomdila to Tezpur, Guwahati and Itanagar. Cabs or Taxis can also be availed.

Interesting facts about Chilipam Monastery

The beautiful Chilipam monastery is on a small hill near to the Rupa town. You have to take a divergence from Rupa to go up the hill to visit this charming monastery on top of the hillock. The view from the hill top particularly during the sunset is so wonderful. Many travelers tend to miss Chilipam monastery considering they are visiting the Tawang monastery which is quite extra well-known. But the normal beauty of this monastery is not to be miss if you are travelling in this region particularly because of the breathtaking view from the hillock where monastery is located. The serenity of this monastery with very a smaller amount people around make it so much pleasant and relax your mind.
Nestled on the top of a mountain overlooking the Rupa Valley and Tenga Valley is situated the good-looking, charming and serene Chillipam Monastery. Just an hour drive from Tenga it is a must visit place for people who are travelling along the Tawang circuit and believe in not leave-taking behind a only attraction.
The monastery is suspended on top of a mountain which give a gripping landscape to the visitor and a view that is unforgettable for lifetime. The monastery itself is an case of Buddhist and Tibetan artwork. The architecture, wall painting, idol and other decor give this place a very sublime yet rich look. It is very different from the monasteries of Bomdilla or Tawang and can boast of its individuality.
And not to forget the attractive view of Bomdilla which you may get during a clear day which is a treat in itself.


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