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Chitrakoot Falls

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Chitrakoot waterfall is the largest waterfalls in India and also may be the widest waterfalls in Asia, so it is popularly called as "the Niagara Falls of India".Chitrakoot is also a popular picnic destination thus tea stalls etc mushroomed around. While taking a troll along the river side capturing wide-angle view of water-falls, get drifted to the intricate wooden handicrafts , a tribal woman was selling on the ground, brilliant piece of woodwork and carving it was, but sadly overlooked by most of the visitors. Another incredible site was a multihued rainbow hovering just above the turbulent waterfalls. Morning in the first half of the day offered the amazing vista adorned with flamboyant rainbow. October to February remains the best time for photographers and nature lovers who wish to see a clearer and white waterfall.

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Interesting facts about Chitrakote Falls

The best time to visit the Chitrakote falls is during the monsoon months from July to October, the flow from the Indravati River is at its peak and the waterfall is in its full glory. The winters are also a great time to visit, the climate is very pleasant and the water is milky white.

The monsoon, months of July to September, is the best time to visit the glorious Chitrakoot Waterfalls. Sometimes, right after a rain, you can even witness a beautiful rainbow running across the misty sky, making the visit completely worth it!

Do not miss the boat rides in the pool formed at the bottom of the waterfalls, the boat ride offers you stunning views of the waterfall and the boatmen can also take you up to the sprays and let you experience the gushing mist that emerges from the waterfalls.


Chitrakoot Falls is situated in Bastar district of Indian state Chhattisgarh. On the journey of River Indrabati through dense vegetation on the plain in Chhattisgarh, suddenly the water of the flows drops with a height of 93 feet and build this magnificent waterfalls at Chitrakoot. It is just 38 kilometres west of Jagdalpur.Chitrakoot waterfall is the largest waterfalls in India and also may be the widest waterfalls in Asia, so it is popularly called as "the Niagara falls of India.Winter months of November to January can also be a great time to visit the falls if you want an absolutely hassle-free visit. The weather will be cool and pleasant during this season.


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