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Easter Sunday is the culmination of Holy Week. Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most important Christian festival, and the one celebrated with the greatest joy.
Easter is a festival celebrated by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The date of the festival is not fixed. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of a full moon day after March 21. It usually falls between March 21 and April 25. The festival celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and is considered as a rebirth of Christianity. The earliest references to the celebration of this festival date back to the 2nd century. In ancient history, many controversies arose regarding the celebration of this festival. The first evidence of controversy surrounding the festival dates back to 2nd century, when Bishop Victor tried to punish bishops of Asia for the celebration of the festival. The controversy was largely pertaining to the dates of the festival and the rights of celebrating the festival.

Easter Christian – What is the Significance?

What is the significance of Easter to the Christian? For some people, Easter strictly belongs to the realm of the Easter bunny and family get-togethers. For others, Easter is primarily a time of celebrating Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. For many, Easter -- like Christmas -- is celebrated as a combination of the secular and the sacred. Understanding Easter from a Christian perspective is vitally important. The celebration of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection from the dead are crucial for believers in Jesus’ Christ. Without this doctrine, there is no Christianity and no Christian Easter.

Easter Christian – Personal Reflections on Christian Easter

Easter (Christian) is the reality of our Savior Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection which transcends failed hopes in things that come up hollow and empty. Out of the pain, suffering, and shame, Jesus experienced on our behalf, the truth came. Life everlasting came. What a glorious hope you can share with all those who are looking expectantly for the Truth.

Buddhist Mother’s day:

Easter is the time of the Christian year when Christians remember the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus, who they believe was the son of God, died for everyone's wrong-doings and then came back to life three days later to defeat death and evil: so if you believe in Him you will live forever in Heaven.


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