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Golden Temple Amritsar (India)

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One of the most spiritual places in India, Golden Temple, also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib, is the holiest shrine in Sikhism and is alive with religious fervour and sacredness. It's divinity is a thing that can only be experienced and not described. Serving as a symbol of brotherhood and equality, Golden Temple is visited by people from all over the world who come here to seek spiritual solace and religious fulfilment. Although the Golden Temple itself is of great historical and architectural interest, it is the view of the resplendent shrine, glistening in the centre of the tank, bringing an infinite calmness that is most memorable to a visitor. After going through a tumultuous period of demolitions, it was rebuilt by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1830 purely with marble and gold. In spite of the thousands of people milling about in the premises of the temple, the only voice you will hear around you is silence interspersed with chants of the Sikh prayers. Located in the beautiful city of Amritsar, Golden Temple is just a small part of the vast complex known as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib to the Sikhs. The spiritual focus is the tank, the Amrit Sarovar, which surrounds the glistening central shrine. Amritsar takes its name from this Amrit Sarovar which was excavated in 1577 by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das. The Hari Mandir (central temple) is connected to the pathway by a marble causeway which is known as Guru's Bridge. This path symbolises the journey of the soul after death. Embraced by marble stairways, this tank is believed to have healing powers that can cure many diseases. The pilgrims gather at this place of mesmerising beauty and sublime peacefulness to listen to hymns and pay obeisance to the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy scripture) which is read here.


Golden Temple Road | Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar 143001, India Suggested duration: 2 - 3 hours

Open and Closing Time

Visit Timing :4:00 AM to 11:00 PM

General Information

Entry Fee: Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Tips For Visiting Golden Temple

Remove your shoes and socks before entering the temple compound (there is a sandal stand at the entrance). Wash your feet in the shallow foot baths located nearby. Dress appropriately. The body must be fully covered, and you need to cover your head which is a sign of respect in the gurudwara. Scarves can be borrowed free of charge or bought from the hawkers who sell souvenir scarves for INR 10. However, it is prudent to carry a scarf with you. Tobacco and alcohol are strictly prohibited. If you wish to sit beside the tank, sit cross-legged and do not dip your feet in the water. Photography is permitted near the walkway surrounding the tank but not inside the Golden Temple itself. While listening to Gurbani, sit on the ground in the Darbar Sahib as a sign of reverence.

Near By Attraction

Hotels available near by Golden Temple.


A distance between the Golden Temple and Amritsar Railway Station is 1.2 miles or 1.1 nautical miles
A distance between Amritsar Bus Stand and Golden Temple is 10.6 miles or 9.2 nautical miles

Application Availability Which Saves Some Money

Zomato, Swiggy(Provide lip-smacking food at a cheap price). Uber, Ola(Provide 24/7 Cab Services).

Interesting facts about the Golden Temple

Golden Temple, the pride and soul of the Sikhs has been a center of attraction among Indians as well as foreign travellers since ages. The golden body, mystic pond, mouth-watering halwa (desert) and overall myths make this religious site a delight of religious populace. Believers irrespective of their religion, caste and gender throng Amritsar in search of eternal bliss and get amazed seeing the humble nature and deep-rooted beliefs of the Sikhs towards their religion. The city of Amritsar also encloses Akal Takht, Sikh Parliament, Durgiyana Temple and a number of other eye-catching tourist attractions which every enthusiastic traveller would love to explore along with visiting Golden Temple. Amrit Sarovar, which means 'The pool of nectar' is one of the main attractions of the Golden Temple. The pool is believed to have medicinal properties. Devotees wash their hands and feet and sometimes take a dip in the pool before entering the temple. The temple has four entrances facing the East, West, North and the South. This indicates that the temple welcomes devotees and other people from all parts of the world. Devotees from any religion, caste, and creed are allowed inside the temple. While food is served, all the devotees sit together in rows on the floor, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. All the devotees are considered equal here.
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