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Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple,Aurangabad(India)

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Grishneshwar Temple, the twelfth Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva, is an important pilgrimage site for Shaivites in Aurangabad. Red rocks are mainly used for the construction of the temple, which consists of a remarkable five-tier shikara. Inside the temple is a beautiful display of carving-work of other gods and goddesses. As per beliefs, a staunch follower of Lord Shiva, once found a treasure inside a snake pit and devoted the money to build this temple. It is located close to Ajanta and Ellora Caves and the nearest airport from Grishneshwar Temple is in Aurangabad.Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga temple is located 30 km from Aurangabad and is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva mentioned in the Shiva Purana. Grishneshwar is an ancient pilgrimage site and this famous pilgrim places of Lord Shiva is located at a village called Verul.

Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit in Even the monsoon time of June to September is good to visit the location.


Grishneshwar, Ellora, Near Ellora Caves, Verul, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431102, India

Visit Duration

1-2 hours.

Open and Closing Time

5 am - 9 pm

General Information

Entrance Fee: No Entry Fees.
Another architectural brilliance of a bygone era, Ellora Caves is also among the not to miss places to visit near Aurangabad. Located around 29km from the city centre, this chain of caves were built by the Rashtrakuta dynasty of the Buddhist clan and Yadav group of the Jains. A must visit UNESCO World Heritage site in Maharashtra, this series of caves also showcases the perfection and epitome of the pre historic times of the Indian culture.Built in accordance with the Buddhist and Jain architecture, the caves also stand a testimony to the peace and brotherhood among these groups and were carved out during the late 5th and 10th century. The entire structure mainly comprises of monasteries; also known as 'viharas', and are divided into different levels. The multi-level structure is further divided into small quarters meant for sleeping, kitchen and several other purpose.

Near By Attraction

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The temple is located at a village called Verul, which is 20 km away from Daulatabad (near Aurangabad in Maharashtra) and can be reached by hiring a taxi or taking a bus from the city. Aurangabad Airport is at a distance of approximately 37 km from the temple. You can take taxis from the airport to reach this temple. Availability of public transport in the city makes the travel convenient.

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Interesting facts about the Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

The temple is also known by various other names like Kusumeshwarar, Grushmeshwara and Ghushmeshwara temple.One of the legend says that Lord Shiva resided here after being pleased with the devotion of Ghushma, who strongly believed that her son who was killed would be protected by the Lord, and continued praying reverently to which her son was brought back to life by Lord Shiva. Ellora caves are locally known as ‘Verul Leni’.The Great Kailasa (Cave 16) at Ellora boasts of being the largest single monolithic excavation in the world.Ellora caves have been hewn out of the volcanic basaltic formation of Maharashtra, known as ‘Deccan Trap’.The caves are datable from circa 6th-7th century A.D. to 11th-12th century AD.The hills that have served as the venue of Ellora caves form a part of the Sahyadri ranges of the Deccan.This temple has the architecture seen in the temples of the South, and has been constructed using red rocks. The hall in the center contains about 24 pillars which tell the various stories of Lord Shiva.The construction of the temple is credited to Maloji Bhosle, the grandfather of Shivaji who was a huge devotee of the Lord.There are also carvings of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu within the premises.It is located on top of the Sahaydri hills.Rani Ahilyabai who is responsible for the reconstruction of the temple, after its destruction by the Mughals, is also believed to have reconstructed other famous temples like the Kasi Vishwanath and the Shiva Jyotirlinga temple in Somnath. This is a location which can be visited throughout the year. However the winter months with its milder climate is much more preferable than the hot summer months of April to June. Even the monsoon time of June to September is good to visit the location. If the temple has to be witnessed in all its glory, then visiting it during the Mahashivratri, celebrated during the months of February to March, making this the perfect time. Visit before 10 in the morning to experience a good darshan with less crowd.There are plenty of stalls available around the temple to get food and water, as well as offerings for the Lord.Men must enter the sanctum sanctorum bare chested as per traditions of the temple.Phones and cameras are not allowed inside and must be left outside with paid lockers being available to store them. Make some offerings to the Lord and take his blessings within the sacred premises.Enjoy the beautiful architecture of the surroundings with its intricate carvings which is a stunning scene to witness indeed.Visit the famed Ellora caves for its mesmerizing interiors which are situated nearby and is a declared UNESCO Heritage Site for its interiors.Eat out at the various eateries to experience the culinary culture of the location.Photograph some great photos with the picturesque location of the temple interiors as the backdrop.Shop at the local markets to collect some souvenirs from the trip.


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