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Gurudwara Sahib,Shimla (India)

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Gurudwara Sahib located at Chail in Himachal Pradesh is a holy pilgrimage site for the Sikh devotees. It was established by the king of Patiala- Maharaja Bhupinder Singh in 1907. The Gurudwara is situated at a distance of 200 meters from the bus station of Chail. The Gurudwara Sahib Chail, in earlier times was under the region of Patiala but after Punjab got separated, the Himachal Pradesh Government gained control over the building.The Gurudwara houses a dormitory for the accommodation of visitors as well as guests rooms. It has a separate management committee to handle the financial and other affairs of the Gurudwara. The committee was established along with the Georgian Association and collaborates with the government of Himachal Pradesh and SGPC.


In 1644, the eighth of ten Sikh gurus, Guru Har Krishan Singh travelled to Shimla and were welcomed as guests by Raja Jai Singh. Guru Har Krishan's age was only 8 years that time. During his stay, large numbers of Sikh devotees flocked to see the Guru everyday.At that time, a smallpox epidemic was raging in Shimla. And Guru Har Krishan helped the suffering by giving aid and fresh water from the well at this bungalow. It is said that his touch had magical healing powers as he was able to heal thousands. The Gurudwara Sahib of Chail has an exquisite and beautiful architecture with a church like pattern in the exteriors and the interiors decorated in traditional Sikh architecture. It is a place to cherish for and seek blessings of Guru Nanak Sahib in the quiet and calm environment.The maximum duration to visit is 30 minutes while if there is any festival or occasion, it can extend for hours. Also, there is no restriction in visiting time duration, the devotees can stay as long they like if they want to pray and meditate.

Best Time to Visit

January to December is the best time to visit Green Valley. There are also some private home stays near the destination and it is also easily accessible from Shimla by local means of transport like taxis.


National Highway 22, Charabra Himachal Pradesh 171012, Shimla, India

Visit Duration

Visit Duration of Ideal Time is 2 hours.

Open and Closing Time

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is open for visiting from 4.30 AM in the morning to 9.00 PM in the evening.

General Information

Entrance Fee: No Entry Fees
This gurdwara dates back to the year 1907 and is situated at Padhawa hills. This is one of the highly visited Shimla tourists places, the interiors and the details are very finely carved on the outer as well as the inner walls of the Gurdwara and the devotees who come to visit this place have very strong faith in the spiritual power that the place emits.Thousands of devotees in North India living in the nearby locations, as well as tourists, visit during the occasion of Guru Nanak’s birthday and each of the visitors is fed delicious Langars. The Committee members are constantly trying to improve the facilities of Gurudwara through Social Media influence and with local and international helpers. Today, other than Baishakhi and Gurupurab it also hosts other festival celebrations and welcomes the devotees globally to participate in it.

Near By Attraction

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Gurudwara Sahib in Chail is located close to Chail Market area at a distance of 1km and at 200 meters from Chail Bus Station. You first need to reach Chail which lies at a distance of 45 km from Shimla and has numerous buses available through the major cities of Shimla, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Once you reach Chail Bus stand, you can easily reach Gurudwara Sahib which is located nearby.If you are travelling by air, you have to reach Jabarhatti airport from where you can reach Chail and Gurudwara Sahib at a duration of 1hour 57 minutes.

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Interesting facts about the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Guru Harkishan Sahib Ji died of small pox, on 30th March, 1664 AD, here. He was seven-years-old at that time. Nishan Sahib, the tall flagship pole, is its landmark structure and visible from afar. You can volunteer to clean campus floors, serve in the kitchen, or take care of visitors’ shoes near the gate counter. Gurbani, religious hymns in Sikhism, is played all the time in the background. Gurudwara ‘Sarovar’ is an artificial lake and a home to many fishes. It has a multi-storey vehicle-parking facility, cool drinking water facility, and clean public washrooms, on its campus. A basket containing head-scarves is placed near its entry point. Visitors can pick up and return back these scarves without paying a fee.


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