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Hill Fort of Anantapur

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Located 300 meter above the ground level, overlooking the little town of Gooty, the Gooty Fort has long been a significant strategic position for the ruler that have seen their kingdom flourish in this part of the country. The fort is name after the view of the town it instructions. The name Gooty is derived from the town earlier original name, Gowthampuri. Gooty Fort is one of the oldest hill fort in the state and also the country, having witnessed centuries of different ruler, empire and regime. Having been selected as a monument of national importance, Gooty Fort is now a well-known attraction alluring guests owing to its enchanting atmosphere filled with historic shell and tranquil vista.
The magnificent fort has been the stranglehold of the Chalukyas, Mughals, Marathas, East India Company and also the Vijayanagara Empire previous to the Qutb Shahi empire took over. It is well mentioned as the 'King of Fort' according to various historical inscription found here. The mammoth hill cover a huge area being enclosed by the town on three side and the westernmost point housing the citadel of the fort. The ruins of the fort are scattered by numerous dissimilar buildings and seats such as granaries, bastions, gunpowder magazine, walls, storeroom and temple.


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History of Gooty Fort

Gooty is a small town in Anantapur. This town has a enormous hill fort that was built in 7th century. This is the mainly antique hill fort of this state. This is called the king of forts as it is not a small single fort. This hill fort has 15 small forts with separate entrance. Thus, it is not each to infiltrate into the main fort. This fort as has water reservoirs inside it. One of the well in this fort had been linked to a spring. This fort was a place where ammunitions were kept previous to the fort fell into the hand of Qutub Shahi ruler and eventually to British.


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