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Itmad-ud-Daula, Agra (India)

The property


Popularly described as a ‘Jewel Box’ and ‘Baby Taj’, Itimad-Ud-Daulah Tomb is a Mughal mausoleum in the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Itimad-Ud-Daulah literally means pillar of the state. Nestled on the eastern bank of the Yamuna River, the tomb is set in a large garden crisscrossed by water courses and walkways. The tomb of Itmad-Ud-Daulah was built by Nur Jahan for her father, Mirza Ghiyas Beg. If visiting the Baby Taj at the end of your stay in Agra, it is easy to see where the designs of the Taj Mahal came from. Baby Taj or Itimad-Ud-Daulah is a tomb that was built by the mother of Shah Jahan. It has a very delicate architectural beauty. The marble lattice structures in this monument are the highlight. You can find exotic Persian styled gardens around the tomb. This tomb was built for Nur Jagan’s father. Her brother’s daughter is the well-known Mumtaz Mahal.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit the mad-and-daulah is in the winter season when the weather is the most pleasant.


Visit Duration: 2 hours.

Open and Closing Time

Itmad-Ud-Daula is open for visiting from 6.00 AM in the morning to 6.00 PM in the evening.

General Information

Nur Jahan chose marble for her father’s tomb. It was a departure from the architecture of the age, which favored red sandstone. The tomb is built in white marble and inlaid with semi-precious stones. It has a strong Persian influence on its architecture along with the very beautiful Indo-Islamic style of buildings. A paradise for History buffs, this place is a must visit! You can go on a one day trip from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri.
Entry Fee: Indian National: Rs. 10/- Foreign Visitor: Rs. 250/-

Near By Attraction

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Moti Bagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282006


It takes 8 minutes to travel from Agra Cantt to Itmad Ud Daula. The approximate driving distance between Agra Cantt and Itmad Ud Daula is 7 km or 4.3 miles or 3.8 nautical miles. Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car.

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Interesting facts about the Itmad-Ud-Daula

1. Itmad-Ud-Daulah means ‘Pillar of the Government’. 2. This was the first Mughal structure built completely from marble, the first to make extensive use of pietra dura and the first tomb to be built on the banks of the Yamuna.
3 The small yet elegant marble tomb of Itmad-Ud-Daulah is lyrically described as a “jewel box in marble”. 4. The style of the tomb is similar to the tomb built for Jehangir near Lahore in Pakistan. 5. The star features of the tomb are the marble screens, pietra dura artwork and the tomb chamber itself.
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