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JAMA MASJID, Agra (India)

The property


Jami Masjid, built in 1648, is situated opposite to Delhi Gate in the heart of the city. The red sandstone mosque is very simple and has just a little use of white marble. Popularly known as the Jami Masjid, the Jama Masjid in Agra is perhaps the largest mosque in India. The tomb of the celebrated Sufi saint Sheikh Salim Chisti is located within the Jama Masjid complex.  Set on a high plinth, it has well-balanced proportions and a courtyard surrounded by cloisters on three of its sides and the prayer chamber on its western side. The cloisters have engrailed arches supported on pillars. The main entrance is through the eastern side. Along the wings of the main prayer wall, large enough to accommodate 10,000 men at a time, panels of magnificently inlaid sandstone add a feminine touch. The building comprises of pillared Dolan, a beautiful Chhajja and the Chhatri on the roof.


Built by Shah Jahan in 1648 and dedicated to his favorite daughter Jahanara Begum, this is one of the most important mosques in the country. The beautiful complex is visible from the Agra Fort and overlooks the Agra Fort Railway Station. The mosque uses both red sandstone and white marble to create magnificent evidence of Mughal architecture. The central courtyard has a fountain, with four small minaret-shaped kiosks around its corners. The structure required 5000 workers and took nearly 6 years to complete.

Best Time to visit

The ideal time to visit the Jama Masjid is when the weather is the most pleasant.


Jama Masjid Road, Kinari Bazar, Hing ki Mandi, Mantola, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003, India.

Visit Duration:

Approx 1 Hour  Jama Masjid Rd, Subash Bazar, Kinari Bazar, Hing Ki Mandi, Mantola, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282003

Open and Closing Time

Jama Masjid is open for visiting from 6.00 AM in the morning to 8.00 PM in the evening.

General Information

Entry Fee: There are no entry fees

Near By Attraction

Taj Mahal Diwan-i-Am Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah Jahangir Mahal


Overlooking the Agra Fort, the mosque is easily accessible by road. The mosque is located 7 km away from the airport. The main bus stands in Agra are Agra Fort and Idgah bus stand. There are many luxury taxis, coaches or buses that drive to Agra every day.

Application Availability Which Saves Some Money

Zomato, Swiggy(This is for delicious food) Uber, Ola(best service for a cab up to 24/7 hours)

Interesting facts about the Jama Masjid

1. Jama Masjid in Agra is contrary to the Agra fortress and overlooking the Agra Fort Railway Station.
2. Its construction cost 1 million rupees, Spiritual and History Lovers.
3. 25,000 people can pray in the courtyard of Jama Masjid at a time and it is India’s largest mosque. 4. The western portion of the shrine constitutes a huge hall which features 260 columns that have been sculpted in the Jain and Hindu architectural pattern. In the evening, the steps of the mosque are converted into various stalls including book and food stalls. The west of the mosque is converted into poultry where meat is sold and in the south of the mosque, books are sold. Zenana Rauza and Jammat Khana hall are located on either side of Jama Masjid. People, there are so rude that half your mood is spoilt at the entrance itself. Then they have these silly rules of no 3/4ths, etc which I think they should put a board outside about rather than having everybody climb up a large number of stairs and then their rude people saying no for entry. Worst experience! 5. Preferred by Spiritual and History Lovers.  Lining the walls of the arcades are Mughal-era paintings, inscriptions and colorfully decorated tiles.


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