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Kondapalli Fort

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Kondapalli Fort is a marvelous 14th-century fort located in the town of Kondapalli in Guntur district near Vijayawada. The resplendent fort is measured of large historical importance and attract tourist from all over the world. Local frequent the site for a day-long picnic with friends and family due to its proximity from Vijayawada, which is just 23 kilometers away. As you explore the high fort, be sure to notice the breathtaking view of the valley. The village is famous for wooden toy, particularly the Kondapalli Dolls. If you are lucky, you might just find a vendor advertising these beautiful dolls for you take back as souvenir.
Kondapalli fort is also call as Kondapalli Kota and was build by the Musunuri Nayaks in the district. Many consider this royally fort has roots in parallel histories. It serve as a military strengthening during the British era and was supposed to have been built as a centre of recreation, business and trade during the 14th century. One must not overlook explore the Kondapalli Fort while in this area.


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed On Fridays
Recommended Hours Min. 2 hours
Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee

Adults: INR 5
Kids: INR 3

History of Kondapalli Fort

The Kondapalli Fort was construct in the 14th century by the Musunuri Nayaks. The control of the fort was taken by several ruler since the 14th century. In 1453, the son of GajapatiKapilendra Deva, Hamvira, won the total Kondaveeru Territory. However, while combating for the throne of Orissa, he had to take help from the Bahmany King as he was fighting beside his brother, Purushottam. He productively overcome his brother, but in return, he had to give up the control of Kondapalli and Rajahmundry to the Bahmany King. In 1476, Purushottam defeated Hamvira and gained manage over Orissa again. At the same time, Kondapalli was strike by famine while it was still under the control of the Bahmany King. The garrison shocked and gave rights of the fort to Hamvira again.
When Purushottam tried to overcome Kondapalli and Rajahmundry, he was held imprisoned and made to sign a treaty that created hostile relatives between the Bahmany, and Vijayanagar ruler.
Purushottam, also recognized as GajapatiPurushottam Deva approved away in 1497 and the Kondapalli was under the reign of his son, Prataprudra Deva. In 1515, the Kondapalli was captured by Krishnadevaray. He married Prataprudra's daughter, Kalinga Kumari Jaganmohini and sign a agreement to re-establish his kingdom till River Krishna. From 1531 until behind 18th century, Kondapalli was ruled by the Mughals after which the British take over, and in 1766, the Kondapalli Fort was use as a Armed Forces Training Base.

Architecture of Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli fort has three entrance gate, with the first one built with one block of granite. This gate is called the DarghaDarwaza, and it is concerning 12 feet broad and 16 feet high. The second entry is on the additional side of the hill and is called the Golconda Darwaza. This entrance leads to the village of Jaggaiahpet. The striking fort has several tower and battlements, a reservoir with a spring and some water tank. The Tanisha Mahal is located at the far end of the fortress perched in between two hills. The palace has several rooms or chambers and a vast Durbar Hall. The fort also has an English Barrack with eight quarters and an English graveyard.

Tips to tour Kondapalli Fort

If you are visiting in summers take a cap along as there are lot of open spaces to explore.
The museum tour can be done in half an hour. Tour of fort can take 2 hours if not more.
There is a fort map in the entry, spend some time to study that so that you can plan your tour there.
No guides are available. No pamphlets with map of fort are provided. You are on your own!
No washroom services yet though work is in progress for this.


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