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Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity ,Agra (India)

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Mother Teresa is a woman beyond description, beyond words and beyond introduction. An Albanian by birth, she had been brought up by a single mother. On a yearly trip to the chapel of the Madonna of Letnice, she knew what her calling in life was, and that?s when she decided she wanted nothing from the world but to provide peace and solace to those who were suffering. She moved to India in 1929; by 1931 she had taken her vows, and by the end of 1950, she had set up her first Missionaries of Charity. It was an honest effort to serve ?the hungry, the homeless, the naked, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared? and basically anyone and everyone who was in need of comfort or care.The ideal time to visit the Jaswant ki Chhatri is any time when the weather is the most pleasant.

Visit Duration:

Spend if you want to see quickly or if you are interested in enjoying yourself then give at least 1 -2 hours of your time.

Open and Closing Time

Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity is open for visiting from 8.00 AM in the morning to 6.00 PM in the evening.

General Information

Entry Fee: No Entry Fees

Near By Attraction

Taj Mahal Diwan-i-Am Agra Fort


Located in the heart of the city on the Ajmer Road, just 6 kms away from the Taj Mahal, the charity centre can be reached through local rickshaws if you are in the vicinity. In case, you are slightly far off; you can take an auto to the site. Alternatively, you can book a private taxi cab from any end of the city to reach here.

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Zomato ,Swiggy Uber,Ola

Interesting facts about the Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity

If possible, try and carry small donations in the form of clothes, detergents, snacks, cereals, medicines etc.The same adherence to legalities can be seen at the facilities for the grown-ups. At Prem Dan, another shelter for the old and the destitute, a Sister informs that every time they take in a new inmate they have to inform the police. “Most of them are old and infirm. Some have lost the mental stability or their memories. At Nirmal Hriday and Prem Daan, the women are dressed in identical maxis, their hair shaved off, or cut brutally short, possibly for ease of care. A young inmate at Prem Daan repeatedly requests this journalist to write him a gate pass. A life of freedom beckons him, even when it is one too hard for him to bear. In most cases the Sisters are reluctant to let journalists interact with inmates, “since they are often not in a condition to talk coherently”, they say.“The Sisters are working in very difficult circumstances. The challenge is they are running homes for the dying and destitute, for children, very difficult to handle these people, they are running homes for the mentally retarded, for TB patients, for cancer patients. This type of works is not easy to do. It needs personal commitment. It needs spiritual strength,” says Father Felix Raj. By and large though, the ethos of the MC remains the same as in Mother’s time. “Mother groomed her sisters in her way, her style, they have grown like that. It’s like a mother teaching her children,” says Kumar. There is no denying, however, that Mother Teresa left a gap when she breathed her last on September 5, 1997. As Father Felix Raj says, “She had charisma, she drew people. Every sister may not have that.”


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