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Nagarjunasagar Dam

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NagarjunaSagar Dam is consider one of largest dam built in recent time in Asia. As the tallest masonry dam and the biggest canal system network in India, the dam was finished in the year 1969 and has a majestic height of 124 meter. It is 1 km time-consuming, and has 26 crest gate. The dam can store up to 11,472 million cubic meter of water in the lake.
A beautiful landscape and strikingly scenic water body add beauty to the inspiring structure. The dam derive its name from a nearby hillock and island called Nagarjunakonda, where an ancient Buddhist Guru had once live. There is a famous and well-maintained museum here that house ancient artifact. A part from the lake where normal boating services are provided, tourist can also visit additional attraction such as Ethipothala waterfalls, and Srisailam Wildlife keep close by.


09:00 AM to 01:30PM (Closed on Friday)

Entry Fee

Rs. 20 for adults and Rs.15 for children

About Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is situated in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. The dam is construct in the midst of such compelling panoramic view and lush green surrounding which captivate the mind of the people with such peacefulness. The dam is built over the River Krishna and is consider to be the landmark spot in the district of Nalgonda. The dam is intended to provide the water supply for agriculture purpose also. The dam also supplies hydro-electricity.


Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was the result of a suggestion made by the British officer to construct a dam using the excess waters in the river Krishna. The dam was construct on the border of Guntur and Nalgonda districts and the water in the dam was released by Indira Gandhi in 1967. The dam is name behind the Buddhist monk, 'Acharya Nagarjuna'. As result, the monument which were part of the place were dug up and relocate to Nagarjuna Hill, an Island which dishonesty in the center of the dam and to the mainland. It is said that these waters which hurried into the land made Andhra Pradesh earn its name, the Rice Bowl of India.

Other Attractions

The Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir dishonesty adjacent to the dam, which add to the beauty of the dam. A part from the dam, there are adjacent attractions such as Nagarjunakonda Island which dishonesty in the centre of the lake. It has the leftovers of Buddhist settlement which was relocate there as a result of the construction of the dam. There are launch which take you to this place and it require a 40 minutes boat travel to reach the Island. The guests can also visit Ethipothala waterfalls which provide a cascading effect and Srisailam Wildlife Reserve that lay in the vicinity of the dam.
It is not astonishing if one feel oneself unimportant while standing before such a huge structure. Hope this editorial familiarize you with this architectural wonder.

Best Time To Visit Nagarjuna Sagar

The area in and around Nagarjuna Sagar experience an extreme type of climate, and hence it is not a favored destination amongst tourist during the summer season. However, for locals and offbeat travellers, it is a year-round destination. If you are looking forward to avoiding the heat of its summer, then the best time to visit it is from October until the end of March.


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