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Penukonda Fort

The property


The Penukonda Fort is one of the main attraction of Anantapur. Situated at a distance of almost 70 km from Anantapur, the fort resultant its name from the word Penukonda, which literally means big hill.
After having on purpose the very old inscription that the Penukonda Fort, archeologists have completed that the fort was built Vira Virupanna Udaiyar's rule, the son of king-Bukka I of Vijayanagar. A huge Idol of Lord Hanuman is located inside the fort. It is 11 feet tall. The fort also has multiple mosques inside. The Sher Khan Mosque being one of the most significant. The Gagan Mahal, a palace within the fort, was built back in the 16th century. Another Palace, 'Babayya Darga' as built to symbolize harmony among Hindus and Muslims.

About Penukonda Fort

Penukonda was once filled in as the next capital of Vijayanagar Kingdom after the fall of Hampi and was previous to call as Ghanagiri or Ghanadri. As indicated by the engravings, the Penukonda state was gifted by the King Bukka-I to his child Virupanna. This post was work at the season of Virupanna. This fortification was a standout amongst other resistances of the Vijayanagara kingdom. With the reduce of Vijayanagara kingdom, the Sultan of Golconda caught this post. Later Mysore Kingdom fixed this stronghold quickly until the point that British surpassed after the drop of Tipu Sultan. Based on a huge slope, the massive and forcing strengthening offer a terrific perspective of the town underneath. The storm basement of the divider, bastion and door in the post was made of stone, mortar and lime. The primary internal segment of the fortification private building planned services for regal relations. Vault of this lobby has been designed in Hindu style of development, though the floor has the mark approach development of Islamic engineering.

Reaching There

A small journey to Penukonda Fort is a full package of fun. To reach the fort, one can hire the jeeps or cabs for commute to and from the fort.
Nearest Railway Station- Penukonda Junction
Nearest Airport- Bangalore Airport


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