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Sheesh Mahal, a notable structure in Mughal architecture was built by Fauzdar Khan around 1711 A.D. Fauzdar Khan was the first Nawab of Farrukhnagar Town, which flourished till the late 19th century and was abandoned during the British Raj in the early 20th century. The fort today is a popular tourist attraction as it provides memorable glimpses of the bygone Mughal Era. To reach this architectural marvel, one has to pass the main market as well as the Delhi Darwaza Gate. Fort walls surround the palace, crumbling down at places. It is difficult to make out from the small entrance that there is a whole palace inside it. The fort features Divan-E-Aam which is a rectangular structure made of sandstone. It is built on a high plinth. Sheesh Mahal transforms into Mirror Palace (‘Sheesh’ meaning mirror and ‘Mahal’ referring to a fort). This name is suggestive of mirror inlay work which can no longer be seen today owing to the fort not being able to stand the test of time.

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Interesting facts about Sheesh Mahal

Built in rose-red sandstone, Sheesh Mahal is a romantic palace that has immortalized the Mughal era. The spacious rooms, sprawling courtyards and upper chambers are embellished with dazzling mirror work and elaborate murals that depict scenes from courtly life.

Another classic trait of Sheesh Mahal is its Baradari, which is a pavilion with 12 doorways that were traditionally used for the free flow of air and thus allowing cross room ventilation. It also witnessed, on occasional basis, performances by courtesans and musicians.


Sheesh Mahal was built in the Mughal Rule and this entire structure is designed on the Mughal architectural style. This mahal is totally built with red sand stones, clay bricks, granite block, woods, marbles and glasses. This palace is a large rectangular structure with open space in the center.Sheesh Mahal, which was built in 1793 by Nawab Faujdar Khan, is one of the architectural marvels of the Mughal period. Located 21 km away Gurgaon in Farukh Nagar, this place is thronged by tourists year-round. This famous building is a rectangular double-storeyed edifice made of stone, slate and lime and is decorated with beautiful mirror work.One of the major attractions of this building is the jail, which was used as a torture chamber in ancient times. Located close to Sheesh Mahal, Ali Gosh Khan Baoli is another popular tourist attraction. The Baoli is connected to the Sheesh Mahal by a tunnel, which was blocked in the early 19th century.

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