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Singsor Ani Gompa

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Singsor Ani Gompa, one of the most attractive and famous nunneries of Tawang District, is on the way to Geshila. Situated at a distance of around 28 kilometer towards the west of the Headquarters of Tawang district, it is home to about 30 nuns. In 1960, the new Ani Gompa was construct by the Rev. Gonpatse Rimpoche. However, the older Ani Gompa is at rest in existence, which is situated a midst the 'Shaa' of nuns.

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2 hours


The new Singsor Ani Gompa Nunnery was constructed in the year 1960, by Rev.GonpatseRimpoche while the Old Ani Gompa is also maintained and this is located among the Shaa of nuns. Traditionally at least one girl from every family joins the Ani Gompa and this practice is going on for several years.Tawang City has a rich history, Monpa family living in this place centuries before and Mon Kingdom was holding the reign ruling Tibet and Bhutan region. Buddhism was brought in during 8th Century, by Guru Padmasmbhava and during 18th Century British power made Tawang an vital centre of the North East. When 1914 Mc Mohan line was drawn up, Tawang become an Indian city. Apart fromSingsorAniGompa, Tawang houses few other monasteries, such as Urgelling Monastery, Righyalling Monastery and Taksang Monastery, apart from Tawang Monastery, which is called GaldenNamgyalLhaste. As for nunneries, Tawang house three Ani Gompas, which are Brama Dung Ching Ani Gompa, Gyandong Ani Gompa and Singsur Ani Gompa

Interesting facts about Singsor Ani Gompa

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is known for its nunneries referred as Ani Gompas, in the middle of which Singsor Ani Gompa is single. This nunnery is situated in a distance of 28 km on the way to Geshila, in the west of Tawang district head office, hosting about 30 Buddhist nuns. This Ani Gompa is managed by the Tawang Monastery, providing assistance for the day to day wants of the nuns and for the monastery administration. The nunnery’s location and the ritual follow by the nuns here would bring one the nostalgic memory of the bygone era, when Buddhism was propagated through sermons done in a calm and serene environment, under the shade of a tree. This nunnery like many others provides facility for nuns to live and the girl children join on their own to observe self-devoted lives.


Singsor Ani Gompa’s architecture is simple hut like model, but of stone construction, with spacious Hall for doing mediation and structures for the living quarter.


Singsor Ani Gompa observe a few festivals which are according to Monpa calendar and culture. Predominant among the festivals celebrated is the Losar Festival occurring at the break of the Monpa New Year, which is 15-day festival in January/February, the highlight of this festival being the colorful Aji Lhamu dance, Yak dance, and also Lion and Peacock dance. The Torgya Festival comes next which is a 3-day celebration, signifying the destruction of evil spirit and destructive forces, praying for happiness and prosperit among people. The Saka Dawa festival which come in the fourth month of Lunar calendar, symbols Buddha’s Nirvana achievement. The DupkaTse-Shi Festival which fall in the Lunar Calendar 6th month, highlights Buddha’s preaching of the Four Nobel truth marked at Sarnath. The Lhabab Deuchen Festival coming in the Monpa 9th month signifies the reincarnation of Lord Buddha as Shakyamuni. To commemorate Tsongkya-pa’s death, the GandenNgamchoe festival is celebrated.Tsongkha-pa is the founder of Gelugpa Sect.


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