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St. Mary’s Basilica Bangalore (India)

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St. Mary's Basilica is the oldest church in Bangalore and is the only church in the state that has been elevated to the status of a minor basilica. It is famous for the festivities it holds during the St. Mary's Feast, in September each year, an event which attracts a large number of devotees from in and around Bangalore. It is a marvellous sight to behold with its towering façade, glass windows and the loving statues of Mother Mary. It is a generous throwback to the colonial era of Indian history and restores the traditional faith of Christianity till date with elaborate feasts, masses done in different languages and the annual celebration of Mother Mary's nativity day. St. Mary's Basilica is a spacious gothic-style Church built in the form of a cross, designed by a French architect. It is 172 feet long and 50 feet broad. The imposing and magnificent tower forming the facade of the Church is 160 feet in height. A beautiful statue of Mother Mary holding Child Jesus in her arms, 6 feet in height, is set up in an attractive shrine just outside the Church building. Every day, Our Mother Mary is draped in a saree, which is the typical dress of an Indian lady. It is said that in 1875, when the new Church was built, people tried to remove this statue to install it on a prominent altar inside the Church, but they failed in their effort since the statue remained immovable. This strange happening is considered to date a sign of Our Lady's miraculous power. The Main Feast of the Church is celebrated with all grandeur on the 8th of September, the Feast day of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, every year. This feast is considered one of the utmost importance by the people, in the whole of the Archdiocese and the state of Karnataka.


Msgr F Noronha Road, Bengaluru 560051, India Suggested duration: 1-2 hrs

Open and Closing Time

6:00 AM - 8:00 PM

General Information

Entry Fee: Entry Fee: No entry fee

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Interesting facts about St. Mary's Basilica

Apart from the beautiful infrastructure of the church, the St. Mary's feast, which happens for 10 days in September every year, is also something which draws a large number of tourists to the Basilica. The birth of Lady Mary is celebrated with a grand feast, which involves feeding the poor and the needy, performing social services for the underprivileged and also, hosting of the Traditional Flag. For the first 9 days, Novena is held, and on the 10th, that is the 8th of September - the birthday of Mother Mary, a holy feast - the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary is arranged and the image of Mother Mary is carried around the local streets in a beautifully adorned chariot. Standing tall in the crowded Shivajinagar area, St. Mary’s Basilica in Bangalore is the city’s oldest church. The only one in Karnataka to be granted the status of a minor basilica, it was built by Ashok Ajith Kumar. This spacious Gothic church is built in the form of a cross, it started out as a thatched hut in the 17th century and was called the Chapel of Kanikkai Madha (Church of Our Lady of Presentation). St. Mary's Basilica is 172-foot long and 50-foot broad, with a spire which is 160-foot high. The shrine outside the church also draws in the devotees. There is a 6-foot statue of Mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms. Mother Mary is draped in a different saree every day, offered by devotees. According to a legend in 1875 people tried to move the statue to the main Church, when the new Church was built, but it wouldn’t budge. This extravagant Gothic style architecture with glass stained windows is quite alluring architecturally. Although it is set in a busy market, the ambience is peaceful enough to for you to say your Rosary. The feast of Mary is held in September and the church celebrates it with much enthusiasm and fervor. If you are in Bengaluru and looking for Sunday Service, visit this Basilica and bag a blessing.
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