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Stilwell Road

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Stilwell Road, original name Ledo Road, highway 478 mi lengthy that relations northeastern India with the Burma Road which run from Burma to China. During World War II the Stilwell Road was a planned military route.
The road cross into Burma through the not easy Pangsau Pass of the Patkai Range and was known as the Ledo Road until January 1945, when a connection via Myitkyinā and Bhamo was finished to the Burma highway at Mu-se. Chiang Kai-shek then renamed the road in honor of the U.S. general Joseph W. Stilwell. It was formally discarded by the United States in October 1945, but it remnants a major internal route.

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The months starting from October till March provide the best opportunity to plan a visit to Ledo, Tinsukia. During this period, the weather remains cool as winters arrive by the end of the October month.

Interesting facts about Stilwell Road

SLedo Road was an overland link involving India and China, built during World War II to allow the Western connections to deliver supplies to China, to aid the war effort next to Japan. As an choice to the Burma Road became necessary, once that had been cut-off by the Japanese in 1942.
It was renamed the Stilwell Road, behind General Joseph Stilwell of the U.S. Army, in early on 1945 at the suggestion of Chiang Kai-shek. It pass through the Burmese city of Shingbwiyang, Myitkyina and Bhamo in Kachin state. In the 19th century, British railway builders had surveyed the Pangsau Pass, which is 1,136 meters i.e. 3,727 feet high on the India-Burma border, on the Pataki crest, above Nampong, Arunachal Pradesh and Ledo, Tinsukia. They fulfilled that a track could be pressed through to Burma and down the Hukawng Valley. Although the proposal was drop, the British prospect the Patkai Range for a highway from Assam into northern Burma. British engineers had survey the route for a highway for the first 130 kilometers i.e. 80 miles.
After the British had been pressed back out of most of Burma by the Japanese, building this road become a main concern for the United States. After Rangoon was capture by the Japanese and before the Ledo Road was completed, the majority of goods to the Chinese had to be deliver via airlift over the eastern end of the Himalayan mountain known as the Hump. Of the 1,726 kilometers i.e. 1,072 miles long road, 1,033 kilometers i.e.642 miles is in Burma and 632 kilometers i.e. 393 miles is in China with the rest in India.


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