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Swami Narayan Temple

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Swaminarayan Temple is the one in which followers offer devotion and worship Swaminarayan as the final manifestation of God.The mandir is embellished with some stunning carved pillars, magificent archways, admirable balconies and delightful idols. It is one of the significant attraction for visitors to Bharuch. This mandir is under the management and administration by BAPS.This dazzling architecture is more than a temple for people of Bharuch as this place is an ideal spot for a great family weekend. This mandir is spread across 18 acres and is surrounded by lush greenery. Its premises have some nice restaurants serving good meals which can be enjoyed after paying homage to the almighty. Also certain conduct is expected from visitors when they visit the temple which includes mobiles to be switched off, appropriate attire covering shoulder and knees, removing chappals outside mandir, refraining from touching delicate carvings inside the temple.

Open and Closing Time

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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Interesting facts about Swami Narayan Temple

An architectural masterpiece is meticulously carved from 6000 metric tons of pink sandstone from Rajasthan. A glorious temple features an amazing seven foot tall statue of Swaminarayan weighing around 1.2 tons and set on three foot pedestal in the central hall.

This glorious temple also features the idols of the deities Lord Krishna and his consort Radha, and Lord Vishnu with Goddess Laxmi. Devotees would be mesmerized with the images of Lord Rama featured along with his consort Goddess Sita and their ardent devotee Lord Hanuman.

Hall of Festivals showcases the items used by him during the celebration of various festivals. Hall of Holy Remains holds the collection of the holy leader’s hair, teeth, nails and ashes.


This was the first temple of the Swaminarayan Sampraday constructed as per scriptural norms with intricate carving in pure Burma-teak and constructed with sculptural art by depicting deities' episodes, auspicious symbols and religious icons representing axiomatic religion and Indian culture. The temple is believed to be a valuable cultural heritage in the socio-religious history of Gujarat and India.The ground floor of the front side, houses the offices and the inner portion accommodates the residency of the Samkhya Yogi women. In the inner temple, the Gadiwalla (the Acharya Maharajshri's wife & spiritual leader of the females in the Swaminarayan Sampraday) holds religious assemblies solely for the benefit of the females. An idol of Ghanshyam Maharaj has been installed in this temple and is served by the Sankhya Yogi female devotees.


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