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Tawang War Memorial

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Tawang War Memorial is a stupa (Buddhist shrine) built to commemorate the Indian martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the 1962 Indo-China war. Situated a stone's throw from Twang town, the monument has been intended using Buddhist architectural and cultural elements, including prayer wheels and flags, colorful serpents, dragons and other Śarīra. Some of these ornamental streamers have also been donate by the local Twang population as compliment. All these things come together wonderfully to emphasize the sanctity of this place. Statues of deity like Lord Buddha can be seen inside.

About Tawang War Memorial

One of the renowned attractions around the local area, Tawang War Memorial is committed to Indian warriors who kicked the bucket in the 1962 Indo-Sino war. The delightful engineering has a broad accumulation of thing which were utilized amid the war, for example, arm, cap, mug, shoes and old rifle. At that point there are petition haggles of the warriors on the divider and furthermore a reproduction of the township as it was amid the war. A 40 feet bright structure, the War Memorial is loyal to every one of the saints of the Sino-India War of 1962. Lying in the chest of the excellent pinnacles of Himalayas, this commemoration disregards the picturesque Tawang-Chu valley.


A 40 foot tall multi hued monument, Tawang War Memorial's devoted to the war hero of Sino India war that take place in the year 1962. Also recognized as Namgyal Chorten, the structure is related to the design of a huge stupa. Overlooking the Tawang-Chu valley, this memorial was constructed to remember the sacrifice made by the military of the Indian Army. This monument that is located on a slope was visited by Dalai Lama in the year 1997. Company can spot the name of military (on granite plates), 2420 in number, who sacrificed their live during the war at Kameng sector. Tawang War memorial is one of the most popular tourist attraction of Arunachal Pradesh.

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