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Thousand Pillar temple

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The Thousand Pillar Temple is an very old temple that is tuck away in a little town named Hanamakonda in the lively state of Telangana. As the name suggest, the temple has over one thousand pillar, some of which are a part or extension of adjacent pillars! These pillar are so strongly knit, they practically form the walls of the temple. Constructed in a star-shaped architecture, the Thousand pillar temple is a well-liked pilgrimage centre which greeting more than 1000 devotee approximately every day. The temple also contain a vast monolith Nandi, made up of black basalt stone. The three shrine situated in the temple are together known as Trikootalayam.
The mighty temple is a accurate variety of Kakatiya architecture and Chalukyan architecture both, and this does a huge job of ornamental its previously overwhelming beauty. There are three preside deity in this temple- Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya. According to the Hindu traditions, Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe- the one who ensures that elements of vitality are preserved to strike the balance, Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the universe- the one who destroys negative elements of the universe and give way to the birth of a new beginning, and Lord Surya- the sun god, the one who sustain the entire universe by his warmth; without whom the entire universe would be just an enormous pit of darkness. And to think that this temple house the shrine of all the three great lords under one roof, a forceful reason to witness this powerhouse of positive feelings and uplifting energy. The temple was built by Rudra Deva and hence house a divinity in his name too.


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History of Thousand Pillars Temple

The lots of the Kakatiya dynasty were group of Shivaism, devotees of Lord Shiva. The intellectuals, however, chose to believe in the revival of Vedic rituals and sought to reconcile the Vaishnavites, worshippers of Lord Vishnu and Shaivites, worshippers of Lord Shiva through the worship of Harihara, worship of both. This initiative noticeable the birth of this unique temple.

Architecture of Thousand Pillar Temple

Built on the slope of the Hanamaonda hill, this temple has a exclusive star-shaped base which stand to be an indicator of the exquisiteness of the Kakatiya architecture scattered with the royalty of Chalukyan design. The Kakatiya sculptor, who decorated and carved the complexes of the temple has definitely done justice to the name of the dynasty; showing distinctly unique styles and use of creative technology. Even though the count of the pillar reaches a three-digit number, each pillar look like it has been work on for decades! No matter the place or dimension of the pillar, the perfect symmetry and design is such that no pillar obstruct the devotee line of sight when they look towards the Lord. The intricate carvings and design on each pillar is a result of a supernaturally steady hand over and unprecedented artistic skill.
The main shrine have sculpture of rock-cut elephants guarding them on each side, and there are beautiful carvings of the elephants on many pillar too. A six feet tall Nandi, made from a only huge black basalt rock, who is the holy vaahan or vehicle of Lord Shiva, greets you at the entrance of the temple. The main shrine of the temple itself is detained by 400 pillar of the total 1000.
Another noteworthy detail of Thousand pillar temple architecture is its sandbox base. It is built using the sandboxing technique, where a huge pit is dug up and filled with lots of sand and covered with huge rock beam. Then on this strong platform, the base of the structure is made by erecting tall beams and columns. This Kakatiya invention provide an unshakeable base for the structure and make it immortal.

How to reach 1000 Pillar Temple, Warangal

Reaching 1000 Pillar Temple is not a hard task as it is well linked by road and is quite close to the main road. It is located between the city of Warangal and Hanamkonda.
Thousand Pillar Temple is approximately 6 km away from Warangal railway station. From the station, tourist can hire an auto rickshaw and reach within few minutes. One can also hire a taxi or travel via city buses that run frequently.


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