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Versova Beach,Mumbai,(India)

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A continuation of Juhu Beach towards the Andheri suburbs, Versova Beach is comparatively less crowded and only separated by a creek from the former beach. Versova is essentially a fishing village inhabited by Kolis (fisherfolks) situated in the vicinity of the beach, and is a hotbed for fish trade. The beach is rather small but is extremely popular for the humongous fish market and the fish auctions held at the spot on a daily basis. Separated by huge rock boulders to keep the village safe from the sea waves and tides, the beach attracts tourists owing to its natural beauty and surreal horizon views.

Activities To Do

Tourists who are fond of viewing fish can opt for snorkeling activities during the water sports season. One can also have fun by shopping for fresh fish from Versova Beach. Sitting back, lazing on the shore and watching fishermen catching fish from the sea is also a blissful experience for many. Versova Beach is an exceptional location for taking photographs. Capturing the beach's scenic beauty in cameras is a perfect leisure activity for anyone who visits this part of the city. Tourists can also opt for horse/donkey rides across the shore. One can witness the massive festive celebrations organized at this beach. One important festival for the Kolis is 'Coconut Day, where coconut offerings are made to the God of the Sea—'Holi'. Ganesh Chaturthi is also a magnificent festival held at this beach every year, where the locals immerse the Elephant God 'Ganesh' into the sea, praying for prosperity, happiness, and good health.
Best Time September to March is considered the best time to visit Versova beach. The other months can get unbearable due to the heat and humidity.


Bharat Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400047, India
Visit Duration: 1 to 2 hours

opening and closing time

All days of the week 12:00 am – 11:59 pm

General Information

It is located close to the Mahalakshmi railway station, Mumbai Central Station and Byculla railway station
It can be easily reached by road via Ghatkopar (Eastern Express Highway).
The Haji Ali Dargah is an iconic mosque in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is located 500 yards into the Arabian Sea. It is the tomb of Saint Haji Ali. A constricted path leads to the dargah. The white mosque can be accessed only during the low tide.

Near By Attraction

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By Road : Versova beach is well-connected to most major bus stations in the city. The closest bus station is located at Andheri.
By Rail : Andheri Station is the closest local train station to Versova Beach. One can also board a train from Churchgate station to either Santa Cruz station or Ville Parle station to reach the beach.
Versova Beach is a wonderful beach in Mumbai and is situated in the suburb of Andheri. The Beach is an extension of the Juhu Beach and is named after the fishing village called Versova.

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Interesting facts about Haji Ali Dargah

Versova Beach is a very popular hangout spot in the suburbs of Andheri in Mumbai. It is an extension of Juhu Beach which is a little more secluded and less crowded. For many years, this beach has been contaminated to such an extent that many marine species died or discarded Versova Beach as their home.
On 26th July 1949, a storm hit the Mumbai city causing a great amount of destruction, but Haji Ali Dargah stood unharmed. Every building of the city suffered harm and loads of damage. Waves kept crashing the shore, and the people inside the dargah were scared that they would drown. But with the blessings of the saint, the waves bowed the walls without harming a single person in the dargah, and people returned back to their homes without any damage.
There is a lesser known tale surrounding the almighty’s dargah. Once the saint saw a poor woman holding a vessel and crying. She was crying because she had accidentally spilt the oil and was scared that the husband would beat her. To this, Haji Ali asked her to take him to that spot where she had spilt the oil. Upon reaching there, the oil came oozing out from the soil as soon as he jabbed a finger into the soil. The woman was overjoyed and filled her vessel. Later, Haji Ali Shah had a disturbing dream that he injured the Mother Earth. Soon after this, he got ill and asked his followers to put the coffin into the Arabian Sea. Miraculously, his casket just got stuck offshore of Worli where the Dargah was constructed. Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most visited mosques in Mumbai, and the history attached to the place is significant. So it’s your chance to see for real the purity of the place.


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