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Warangal Fort

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Warangal is known as one of the best heritage city of India. It is 145 km gone from the state capital Hyderabad. It is also the second major city in the state of Telangana. The city name is resulting from the Telugu word Orugallu – 'Oru' which means one and the word 'gallu' meaning stone. The city was the capital of the great Kakatiya ruler who reign involving 12th and 14th centuries.


10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Entry Fee

Indians: INR 15
Foreigners: INR 200
Video camera: INR 25

How to Reach

Warangal Fort doesn't have flight connectivity. But it can be reached via train or bus. It's also linked with road so you can hire a taxi, or self-drive to reach here if you like.

History of Warangal Fort

Named after the city Warangal, this eponymous fort give us a understandable sympathetic of the bygone Kakatiya Dynasty, which flourished between 1175 - 1324 CE. It was during this era that the Deccan Plateau witness a prominent trend in establish architectural marvel like Warangal Fort, reservoir for irrigation and numerous temple. The ruler had not only emphasized on the security of their territory, but every piece of their architecture was a masterpiece and became immortal.
This wonderful fort was built by Ganapatideva, and after he died in 1262, his daughter Rudrama Devi took over the accuse of the structure and the entire kingdom finally. However, King Prataparudra II, who was also known as Rudradeva II and the final ruler of Kakatiya Kingdom, ended the Warangal Fort. Unfortunately, 2 decades later the kingdom fell into the Mughal's hand and it was occupied by the Sultans of Delhi.
The Warangal fort was attacked numerous times. In 1309, Alauddin Khilji had launch an attack on the fort during the rule of Prataparudra II. Around 1000,000 soldiers had attack the fort, and the battle last for many months. King Prataparudra II and his army were able to protect the fort in this violent battle. However, the fort couldn't resist the attack of Qutub Shahi Dynasty, and later on it was invade by the Hyderabad Nizams. Although it was destroyed numerous times, what we see today are not simply the ruins but the grandiosity of the medieval architecture foretelling the bravery of the Kakatiya rulers.

Interesting Facts about Warangal Fort

According to the history of Warangal, the Prola Raja of great Kakatiya dynasty build the gorgeous city in 12th century. The Kakatiyas, who lined the place for more than 200 years, have left the following generation, many grand monument and architectural wonder similar to the well-known Warangal fort, Swayambhu Temple and many other amazing ancient structures. The Warangal Fort, which is the major attraction of the city is increase over a radius of 19 kilometers between Warangal and Hanamkonda. The fort was construct in the 13th century in the control of the Kakateya King Ganapati Deva. The Warangal fort is most famous for its graceful and finitely carved arch and pillar. This fort has four large stone gateways.
Warangal fort consists of many remains, especially its central part which has been familiar as an archaeological zone. Most of the Warangal fort photo present a glimpse of this section. There are ruins of Shiva Temple. One can also see wall slab, entrance pillar, ceiling panel, relic of mihrab, many small shrine, etc. The main deity of the temple, Linga with four face of Lord Shiva has been kept in a shrine towards the southern complex of the fort. Regular prayer are accessible to the Lord at the new shrine. Within the fort complex, one can also find pond and various small temple. These remains offer an insight into the fort arrangement and of the Kakatiya era. Inscription on the pillar and the walls also speak about the period during the reign of Kakatiya Kings.


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