Top 10 Popular Sweets In India

Light syrup of sugar is prepared for cooking them.

Top 10 Popular Sweets In India


They are the dumplings of Cottage cheese and semolina dough. Light syrup of sugar is prepared for cooking them. The dish originated in West Bengal. It is also known as ‘Bangla Rasogolla.’ These spongy soft round balls are completely immersed in sugar syrup. One cannot easily decline to eat Rasgulla. It is the iconic sweet of West Bengal.


The city of Banaras is known for the famous sweet dish Rabri. It is prepared by heating the sweetened milk in a very big kadhai. It consists of dry fruits & kesar. It’s a delicious experience to enjoy a plate full of Rabri sitting on the ghats of Ganges.

Kaju Katli

A Marwari sweet which is famous in all over India is Kaju Katli. It can be found most of the times on auspicious occasions such as Pooja, Festivals like Diwali, & Marriages. Cashew nut is the main ingredient of these sweets. They are the diamond in shape with the filling of cashew nuts & sugar. No doubt that it comes at the top & main priority for many people.


Barfi name originated from a Persian name, barf. This name means “snow.” Similarly, the Barfi is the condensed form of sugar & milk cooked together. This Barfi can be of various shapes and size, & is most renown in Northern India. Barfi flavor was enhanced with fruit like mango or coconut, & nuts like almonds or Cashew nuts.


Rasmalai is the combination of the two words, first Ras means “Juice” & then, Malai means “Cream”. The most famous dessert in the whole northern belt is Rasmalai. Also, this dish can be enjoyed in places like Haridwar, Kanpur, etc. It consists of sugar white cream with the balls of channa soaked in that cream.


The sweet which was usually used as serving to the gods are Peda. It comes in small rounded shape. They are sweet as they contain a high amount of sugar. Their sweetness is at an extreme level. The main ingredients are khoa and sugar with traditional flavors that include saffron & cardamom.


Not only western side but eastern side of the country is also famous in the case of sweet dishes. The dessert that comes from the state of Rajasthan is Ghewar. It is made on auspicious occasions. It is a prepared circle shaped sweet cake made from flour & then, this cake is soak in sugar syrup.


This Kalakand is made with Khoya & was totally garnished with dry fruits. It’s very delicious & also, it melts in the mouth. Kalakand is made in a large pan. This pan is kept over a flame, and the milk is continuously stirred till it gets thickened then dry fruits are added in the dish & it is ready to serve.


Pethas come from the city of world famous Taj Mahal. Yes, they are originated in Agra & are quite known with the name of Agra ka petha. When you go to Agra make sure that apart from gazing the Taj, grab some pethas as well for your sweet memories.

Gulab Jamun

These are the soft balls made up of khoya which are deep fried. They are immersed in the sugary syrup afterward. As the name is Gulab Jamun it has nothing to do with the roses. This Sweet is present in almost 90% of the weddings. Gulab Jamun is the people’s favorite choice to keep in their marriage parties.

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