7 Best Indian Foods You Must Try

India is a beautiful country that has many great things to offer. India is home to thousands of cultures. In addition, India has over 900 languages and dialects.

7 Best Indian Foods You Must Try

  India is a beautiful country that has many great things to offer. India is home to thousands of cultures. In addition, India has over 900 languages and dialects.    India's food is a well-known landmark. While the cuisines vary from one place to another, some dishes are more popular than others. Here are ten delicious Indian dishes that you can find at your local Indian restaurant.

Butter Chicken

Makhan Murg, or Butter Chicken in Hindi, is one of India's most loved dishes. Makhan in Hindi stands for Butter and Murg is chicken. This literally means butter chicken. Butter chicken originated in Punjab, northern India. It is a deliciously cooked chicken that's been mixed with tomato curry sauce. This recipe has become a worldwide hit. Butter chicken was accidentally created in the Moti Mahal restaurant, New Delhi. It was made from leftover chicken pieces that were mixed with sauce. This dish can be enjoyed with naan or roti as well as rice.

Dal Tadka

Dal Tadka, a popular Indian dish, has gained both domestic and international popularity. Dal Tadka originally had a smokey flavor and was made with burnt coal. However, it has evolved to be one of the easiest dishes in the world. Dal Tadka can be made in a few simple steps. First, steam the lentils or dal, then add traditional Indian spices like cumin, garlic and ghee. Dal Tadka uses only enough spices to give it a nice flavor, but not enough that it becomes unbearable.


Next on the list of best Indian food is chaat, a wide category of street foods. Indian chaat is sold at makeshift stands along busy streets. It is a popular snack or dinner for everyone, from children to elderly people to office workers. Bhel Puri and Pani Puri are the most common types of chaats. Although chaats can change depending on where you are located, these foods are quite common and are available almost everywhere in India.


The classic samosas are next on the list. Although samosas can vary in size and shape depending on where they are located, the basic principles of samosas remain the same regardless. Samosas can be described as Indian calzones. The crusty exterior is deep-fried and then filled with meats, vegetables, or lentils. Samosas can be served with tamarind sauce, mint sauce, or spicy green sauce. This compliments the samosa perfectly. Samosas can be found both in India and in the Middle East.

Masala Chai

Next isn't food but a type or tea. Masala Chai is one of the classic and traditional Indian dishes. Masala Chai is different from American or British teas. Masala Chai is made from fresh tea leaves that have been sourced from Assam and West Bengal tea plantations. To add spiciness, the black tea leaves are steeped in hot water. They are then mixed with shredded ginger or cardamom seeds. After the brewing process is complete, add milk to make it hot and fresh.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken, another North Indian dish, may have existed in 3000 BC. Tandoori Chicken gets its name from the Tandoor Oven, which is the cooking vessel in which it is cooked. The oven is cylindrical in shape and is powered by charcoal or wood. Tandoor Ovens can be made from clay or metal. They have a distinctive taste that gives food a unique flavor. Tandoori chicken is chicken that has been marinated in yogurt and tandoori masala for several days. This mixture includes traditional Indian spices. The chicken is then ready to be cooked.

Matar Paneer

Next is the Matar Paneer. Matar, which means peas in Hindi, is followed by Paneer, which refers to Indian fresh cheese. Matar Paneer, a North Indian dish, is made up of paneer and peas. It is cooked in a mild tomato sauce, similar to Butter Chicken. However, Matar Paneer has Garam Masala, which is a mixture of ground spices. Matar Paneer is typically served with Indian bread like aloo paratha or naan, but some people also enjoy it with rice. Other ingredients, such as potatoes, may sometimes be added.

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